About AXIA Personal

Axia Personal is a company specializing in human resources services.
Having our offices in Athens and Munich we represent in Greece since 2000 a significant account of companies which belong both to the public and the private sector and enjoy European as well as international recognition.
With particular emphasis on respect, trust and quality, we work hard in a daily basis, aiming to provide our respective customers with high quality personnel.




In Axia Personal we focus on the human value.

With a real sense of responsibility towards our clients and candidates, we attempt to understand their utmost needs and desires, suggesting the best possible prospects for vocational rehabilitation and career abroad.

Our target is the optimal service of both our clients and the job seekers who are interested to work abroad, attempting a match between the candidate, the client and the job. Representing actors which offer excellent working conditions, career prospects and high wages, we seek for qualified professionals in various specialties to fill the respective vacancies.

For more information you may contact us on:
210 7780266 (Athens),
+49/+89 206021 158 (Munich)
Or by e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Some latest Video

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